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 Genuine Organic Essiac Tea in Australia| Order by phone: 02 6563 1170


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Essiac is an amazing Native American Herbal Remedy that has helped thousands of people world-wide who suffered from Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, Cancer, AIDS, Fibromyalgia, Liver problems, Ulcers, Diabetes and many, many other illnesses.

Image of herbal tea used to treat cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune booster


It is a historically proven fact that Genuine Organic Essiac tea assists the body in:

‣ restoring energy levels ‣ regulating cholesterol levels by transforming sugar and fat into energy ‣ reducing heavy metal deposits from tissues especially those surrounding the joints ‣ counteracting the effects of aluminum, lead and mercury poisoning ‣ reducing inflammation and stiffness in joints & muscles ‣ boosting the immune system ‣ increasing the production of antibodies like lymphocytes and T-cells in the thymus gland ‣ nudging along the body’s own repair mechanism ‣ Speeding wound healing by regenerating the damaged area ‣ lifting moods and improving a sense of well-being ‣ protecting the body against radiation and X-rays ‣ strengthening and improving muscle functions ‣ nourishing and stimulating the brain and nervous system ‣ increasing red cell production ‣ promoting the absorption of fluids in the tissues ‣ relieving pain ‣ protecting the cells against free radicals ‣ stimulating the digestive system… ‣ destroying parasites in the digestive system ‣ protecting the body against toxins entering the brain…

These benefits have been reported to us and observed in research performed by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch at the Charles Brusch Medical Research Centre in Cambridge, MA


  • The following is a testimonial given by Dr Charles Brusch after he had taken the Essiac tea himself for his own bowel cancer:

“I have taken Essiac every day since my diagnosis, and my recent examination has given me a clear bill of health. I endorse this therapy, for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel, through Essiac alone. Essiac is a cure for cancer, period.”

– Charles A Brush, M.D. J.F.K’s Personal Physician

We sell our Eight Herb Genuine Organic Essiac Tea freshly dried in pulverized form. We pulverize it to get the most nutrients from the roots as possible in the boiling process. The boiling process is the most natural and most effective way.



We  sell our Genuine Organic Essiac Tea powder in 500 gram bags for $59.00 each, plus $12.70 postage, flat rate. 

Unfortunately, due to the drop in the Australian Dollar and an increase in shipping charges from the USA we had to have a price rise. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For first time users, on the Aggressive Dose (for Health Improvement), 500 grams will last for about 6 weeks.

For Maintenance Dose500 grams will last for about 5 months.  

For best results, we recommend for first time users to drink the tea for 6 months at the Aggressive Dose and then continue

with Maintenance Dose for as long as desired. Dosages and brewing instructions come with every order. 

You can order through internet via Pay Pal, which is secure online banking or by phone: 02 6563 1170